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View confidence intervals for an indicator

Confidence intervals can be viewed for an indicator in two different ways: 1) In the indicator change over time graph or 2) in the indicator download CSV. Both ways are located on the indicator detail page. Confidence intervals are not available for all indicators and vary from source to source.To learn more about confidence intervals, please visit the glossary of terms.

1. Viewing confidence intervals in the graph

On the indicator over view, hover over a time period to see the confidence intervals. Confidence intervals are available for both the indicator value for the entire selected location and for subgroup data when available.

To see the confidence intervals displayed on the chart, click on the 3 line menu bar (also known as a hamburger icon) and select "show confidence intervals". The top of the bar (or the right side of the bar) represents the highest value within the confidence interval. The bottom of the bar (or the left of the bar) represents the lowest value within the confidence interval. 

2. Download the indicator data CSV

On the Indicator Detail Page, scroll to the bottom of the page and select download indicator data CSV.  


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