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What do the green, red, blue and gray colors mean in charts?


Some Conduent HCI platforms display a significant difference between the overall value for a location and subgroups for the same location. This is designed to better help you find where disparities exist in your community. 

When a given indicator has data available for subgroups like race/ethnicity, age or gender and we know not only the indicator value but the confidence intervals, we are able determine if there is a significant difference between the subgroups value and the overall value. A significant difference is defined as non-overlapping confidence intervals. When viewing a chart, you can turn on confidence intervals, to view the confidence interval bars. In this example, you'll see that the red bars do not overlap with the grey overall value and are higher than the value which means this is bad. 





  • Gray bars indicate that no confidence intervals are available.
  • Blue bars indicate that confidence intervals are available, and there are no significant differences between breakout groups.
  • Dark blue bars indicate that there is a significant difference from the overall value for indicators without value judgements.
  • Green and red bars indicate significant good and bad disparities from the overall value.

Important Notes:

Confidence intervals are not available for every indicator. In some cases, a significant disparity may exist but we do not have the data to show the disparity. 


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