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Additional Search Options

Show only selected comparisons - By default this will be checked. When checked, and comparisons have been selected under the 'filter by comparison' section, only those comparisons will display in the search results. If the option is unchecked, then all available comparisons will display in the search results.

Group by topic/subtopic - By default the search results will be grouped by topic/subtopic. If 'no' is selected, topics/subtopics will be removed and indicators will display alphabetically.

Ordering - There are five different options to order indicator search results.

  • Alphabetically - Default option. If selected, indicators will display alphabetically either by topic/subtopic or by indicator (see above).
  • Newest/Oldest - This will sort the indicators based on the date the indicators were last updated. This is different than the date the indicators were measured. 
    • For example, imagine Indicator A was last updated in June 2016 but the indicator data was collected in 2012. This indicator will appear before Indicator B which was last updated in December 2015 even though the data was collected in 2014.
    • To see when the indicator was last updated, click on the the indicator to view the indicator detail page. 
  • Comparison - The 'sort by comparison' option is designed to help identify high need indicators.
    • By using the 'sort by comparison' option and selecting a comparison of interest, your search results are ordered from worst to best based on how they compare to the selection. Indicators with the exact same measurement for the selected comparison will be sorted together alphabetically within the results.
    • If your search results contain indicators that do not have your selected comparison, these indicators will appear alphabetically at the end of your search results. Indicators that are non-directional (high values are neither good nor bad) will be likewise sorted to the bottom of the results.
  • Value (ascending/descending) - Selecting value will order the results by unit (i.e. percent, count, etc) and indicator value. This feature works best if you are viewing a single indicator across geographies (i.e. counties, census places, zip codes).
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