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Adding Indicator Components

Indicator components may include line and bar charts, comparison gauges, indicator cards and values, maps, and informational text blocks, depending on data availability (see below for examples). To add indicator components to your report, follow the instructions below. 

Adding Components

  1. Select Indicators from the toolbar.
  2. Search by keyword. If you would like to add in indicators related to Diabetes, type Diabetes and hit enter.
  3. Select an indicator to display the available components for the selected indicator.*
  4. Choose components to add to your report.
  5. Select Add. Only add indicator components for one indicator at a time.
  6. Components can be easily deleted, resized, and moved around the page to customize your report when in Edit mode (see Editing Components for more information).
  7. To preview your report, select the Preview button at the top right of the toolbar. To edit the report, select the Edit button.
  8. To save your report, click on the Screen_Shot_2017-12-27_at_1.04.34_PM.png icon on the top left of the toolbar (see Saving Reports for more information).

*Please note that users will not be warned when data is displaying from multiple sources

Indicator Component Examples

Indicator Card  


Bar Chart


Subgroup Bar Chart


Change over Time Chart 




Indicator Gauge 






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    Elaine Healthyac

    Hi HCI,
    It would be helpful to add some narrative around why someone might receive a "No indicators were found matching your search criteria" message when they enter a topic in the dialog box. I entered "HIV" and received that error message. Perhaps the data is not available at the location geography that I selected rather than the site not having data on that indicator.
    Elaine Bautista,

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  • Avatar
    Nicholas Alexander

    I agree with Elaine Bautista above.

    Perhaps show a list of general categories (e.g. HIV, Poverty) that when clicked expanded to show specific indicators to choose from.

    Nic, Prince George's County, MD

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