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Supplemental Data Offerings

Learn about datasets you can purchase or develop to augment your site! Check with your Account Manager for more details and pricing.

Consumer Expenditure Indicators

Access percentage estimates of total expenditures for health-related products and services for counties, zip codes, census tracts, and custom regions. Topics covered include high sugar beverages and foods, alcohol, tobacco, medical expenses, and eldercare. Conduent HCI uses the Consumer Buying Power database from Environics Analytics, developed from Consumer Expenditure surveys conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Indicators are available as a set of 10.

Claritas Pop-Facts® Demographic Data

This dataset can include approximately 100, 250 or 500 data elements (depending on the tier of purchase) that describe community demographic characteristics at the state, county and either zip code or census tract levels. Demographic elements include estimates for populations by race, ethnicity, sex, age, language spoken at home, marital status, household income, educational attainment, etc.

Custom Geographies (“Roll-ups”)

Conduent HCI can create aggregated data views for select indicators and Claritas Pop-Facts® Demographic data to enable region views of data (e.g., hospital service area, region, neighborhood, public health preparedness region).

Preventable Hospitalization and Emergency Room Indicators*

This dataset includes 33 hospital admission and emergency room visit indicators modeled on AHRQ’s Preventable Quality Indicators. Topics covered include communicable disease, alcohol abuse, and chronic disease. Conduent HCI analysis produces values at the county and zip code levels, as available depending on population density.

Mental Health Inpatient and Outpatient Indicators*

This dataset includes 10 hospital admission and emergency room visit indicators focused on mental health, intentional self-harm, and substance abuse using Clinical Classification Software definitions. Conduent HCI analysis produces values at the county and zip code levels, as available depending on population density.

Social Determinants Indicators

This customizable dataset includes indicators focused on quality of life. Topics can include crime, education, physical environment, government assistance programs, etc. Specific indicators are scoped on a state--by--state basis depending on availability.

Local Data Sets and Custom Indicators

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Do you have data you want to see in your dashboard? Work with Conduent HCI to upload your own surveys and databases. Create custom indicators and comparisons based on community priorities.


*Options for these indicators vary by state according to data availability; please check with your Account Manager to learn more.

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