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How to submit a Promising Practice

We encourage you to submit Promising Practices to share your programs, interventions, strategies, and policies with demonstrated success in your community.

Below are the guidelines for Promising Practices that we will consider for inclusion* in the database:

  • Programs, interventions, strategies, and policies
    • May or may not be evidence-based
    • Designed to improve health and quality of life through community and population-based approaches

Practices that do not qualify for inclusion:

  • Selling a product (i.e., weight loss supplements)
  • Clinical in nature (i.e., requires office/outpatient visits with medical staff and/or medical procedures; only offered to patients, rather than broader community)
  • Pharmaceutical interventions

*Upon submission of your promising practice, research staff at Conduent Healthy Communities Institute, a Conduent Corporation, will review it for inclusion in our database and determine if it is an evidence-based practice, effective practice, or good idea (see ranking methodology). If it meets our criteria, the Promising Practice will be posted to all community sites. If it does not meet Conduent HCI criteria, you will be notified and can make a final determination about including the program on your own site.

Promising Practices can be submitted from your site's promising practices page by clicking the Promising Practices Submission Form link.

  1. Fill out the submission form in detail, including your email address, the title of the promising practice, the organization that runs the program, the source for the program (if different from the organization), the location of the program, and the contact information for the program and all other fields.
  2. Description of the Promising Practice. The description should include information about the target population, essential program components, goals, and how the program has been implemented. If available, information about how the program is funded should also be included.
  3. Goal/Mission of the Promising Practice. The goal or mission of the practice should be summarized in a single sentence, if possible. Further description of the goals of the program may be included in the program description.
  4. Results/Accomplishments of the Promising Practice. This field is used for program outcomes. If available, include the type of study used to evaluate the program, the number of services/programs/sessions/people served, quantitative measure of improvement over time, and p-values or confidence intervals. Not all outcome values must be outlined in results, but if a statistically significant finding is noted, a p-value or odds ratio should be included.
  5. Be sure to check the box indicating that you agree and understand that the information submitted will be made publicly available through HCI websites.
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