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What are examples of services to communicate and engage for action?

HCI offers communication and capacity-building services to support the ongoing engagement of community partners and stakeholders. Transform data into visually engaging, actionable infographics to empower internal and external stakeholders. Showcase prioritized health topics, areas of improvement and/or new collaborations. Build the capacity of stakeholders and partners to coordinate and sustain momentum around community engagement efforts.

Data Communication Services

Community Health Profiles 

The HCI team will create concise, visually appealing Community Health Profiles to share with leadership and external stakeholders. The Profiles will be one page (double-sided) and will highlight findings from your community data including: demographics, disparities, indicators, areas of concern, etc. HCI will create charts, graphs and infographics to help provide an overview of the community or service area.

Priority Snapshots 

The HCI team will create visual snapshots related to your service area’s priority health topics, social determinants of health, or other miscellaneous topics (e.g., ACEs, coalition building, food security, etc.). Snapshots will vary in length based on subject and can include metrics of health topics, imagery, and other supporting data to help communicate information quickly and effectively.

Impact Summary 

HCI will work with you to create impact summaries related to your service area’s community and program outcomes. These summaries can include charts/graphs/infographics and will vary in page length based on client’s desired amount of content to be included. Some examples of use cases:

  • Communicate findings from work groups 
  • Share cost of care reports with leadership 
  • Report on progress and impact to funders  

CHNA Reimagined 

The HCI team will work with you to unleash the data trapped between the pages of your CHNA by highlighting the most critical information and transforming your findings into an actionable tool. The resulting deliverable will be a dynamic and empowering collection of easy to understand imagery, charts and minimal text.

For examples of visually engaging reports, see:

Capacity Building Services

Community Engagement Workshop

The HCI team will help plan and facilitate a capacity-building workshop with the client's stakeholders and partners to review different community engagement techniques and draft a roadmap to coordinate community engagement efforts around key priority areas. Training includes customization of materials, presentations, as well as interactive, hands-on activities to engage participants in learning community engagement techniques and considering how best to coordinate and align efforts.


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