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Mental Health Priority

In 2016 the Conduent HCI team started the Client Priorities Project, with the goal of better understanding the priorities of our clients across the country. We created an inventory of all client priorities across almost 300 organizations (healthcare providers, health departments, community benefit organizations) and found that the top three priorities were: 1) exercise, nutrition and weight 2) access to health services 3) mental health and mental disorders.

Upon closer inspection of the top three priorities, Conduent HCI decided to take a closer look at mental health.  It was determined that exercise, nutrition and weight already has a robust inventory of research and access to health was too broad a topic. Mental health has received increasing national attention and there is a need for additional research and dialogue.

The internal team's next move was to schedule in-depth interviews with clients conducting mental health programs.  We spoke with a number of clients across the country and their partners leading the programs.  

In addition to getting detailed information about the audience and services provided by these programs, we asked program leaders about

  1. Assets and keys to success
  2. Challenges or barriers with implementation
  3. Metrics being tracked and data collection tools 
  4. Any established partnerships or collaborative efforts as they relate to the program implementation.

The word cloud below represents the issues discussed during the in depth interviews. Words  or phrases such as "metrics/data collection", "partnership and collaboration", and "challenges" appear in larger font because they were mentioned most frequently.


The information from the in-depth interviews was crafted in to ranked Promising Practices, highlighting the amazing work being done and published across all client sites. These programs can be found on your site by searching for "Priority Area: Mental Health" in the Promising Practices module. Here is an example on Community Memorial Foundation's website. If a program is one that is being implemented in your community, you will see a "local" tag next to it. 

Please reach out to your Account Manager if you are focusing on mental health in your community and have a program you would like us to learn more about! 

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