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My county is in the green compared to other counties in our state, but it is in the red compared to the state value. How is this possible?

Comparing to a county distribution and comparing to the state value are two separate metrics. The former takes into account each county's value, and you see where your county falls among other counties. The latter is a simpler comparison of county value to state value: 

  • The compare to county distribution shows how your county is doing compared to other counties in your state. This distribution takes all county values and arranges them from best to worst with the top 50% being green, 50 - 75% being yellow, and the bottom 25% being red. In this case, your county is performing among the best half of counties in your state.
  • The compare to state value shows how your county value is doing compared to the calculated state value. The state value is an aggregated measure based on total counts statewide. In this case, your county value is worse than your state value.

The median (the green cutoff, or the 50th percentile) of county values in your state won't always equal to the state value – this is dependent upon how indicator values are distributed across all counties in the state.


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