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What are curated dashboards?

Curated dashboards are pre-built dashboards created by the site administrator.  These dashboards are designed to give you access to a snapshot of data around a meaningful topic. Most sites have at least 4 dashboards but may have more.  If you feel like your site should have more curated dashboards, contact your site administrator. 

All Data

The All Data Dashboard shows all data for each location at once.  Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to change the location type. 

Disparities Dashboard

The Disparities Dashboard shows all indicators that have additional subgroup data (for example race/ethnicity, age, gender). The subgroup data charts are displayed below the overall indicator value and are easily downloadable for use in reports or presentations. Breakout values that are significantly better or worse than the overall value will be highlighted in green or red.

Healthy People 2030 Progress Tracker

The Healthy People 2030 Progress Tracker shows how your community is doing compared to the National Healthy People 2030 goals. Learn more about this tracker here.

Indicator List by Location

This dashboard shows a list of all indicators (and, if selected, subgroups) and at which geographic level there is data.


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