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How do I find all data about a specific age group like older adults or children?

There are two ways to find data about specific age groups: 1) Filter by Populations and 2) Filter & Display Subgroups. 

Filtering by Age Group


Filtering by population will show indicators that are about the selected group.  For example if you filter by children you will see indicators like "Children with Health Insurance" and "Children Living Below the Poverty Level". In other words, filtering by population will show indicators where the only population included is the one you selected.


Displaying Subgroup Data


Often, indicators on the dashboard will measure the entire population but will include data on specific subgroups as well such as age groups. For example, the indicator "Persons with a Disability" measures the percentage of all people in the location with a disability. When subgroup data by age is added to the dashboard, you will now see what percentage of children, adults and the older adults have a disability. 





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