Conduent Healthy Communities Institute

What are some of the consulting services HCI offers?

HCI provides the services, technical assistance, and capacity building to help you achieve improved community health outcomes.

Collect Data

  • Online Community Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Key Informant Interviews

Analyze Data

  • Secondary Data Summary
  • Disparity Analysis
  • Hospitalization or ER Visit Analysis
  • Custom Geographic Roll-up
  • Data Synthesis
  • Community Resource Mapping
  • Capacity Assessment


  • Prioritization Guidance
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Evidence-based Practice Recommendations
  • Strategy Design
  • Capacity-Building for Implementation Planning


  • Program Adaption
  • Evaluation Framework
  • Analysis and Reporting of Evaluation Measures
  • Marketing & Communications

Monitor & Evaluate

  • Evaluation 101 Toolkits
  • Metric Selection & Target Setting
  • Consensus-building on Collective Impact Indicators
  • Data Collection & Analysis Plans
  • Progress Trackers


  • Strategic Communications Plan
  • Case Study
  • Press Release
  • Press Kit
  • Community Profiles
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